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    He was the Yankee who saw his best chance at the World Series lost when the 1994 season was lost to one more labor fight in baseball, lost in the middle of August when the Yankees were in first place.
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    The spray will be applied the evenings of Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 4 and 5, weather permitting, says Traci Little, environmental health and food specialist with the Huntington County Department of Health.
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    In Illinois, for example, the home of the country's first black President Barack Obama, African-Americans have won more than 5 percent of the House races since 1870. Maryland tops the list, with blacks winning the largest percentage of House races in that state at 7.2 percent.
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    The deal, which will boost Lloyds' core capital by 400 million pounds, and the separate sale on Wednesday for 254 million pounds of a portfolio of leveraged loans, helps strengthen the bank's balance sheet and could accelerate government plans to start selling down its 39 percent stake, analysts said.
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    Soriano clubbed his 17th homer in 52 games with the Yanks with a solo shot against reliever Guillermo Moscoso in the sixth. Soriano became the fifth player in MLB history to have at least 50 RBI with two different teams in the same season, joining Matt Holliday (2009), Manny Ramirez (2008), Carlos Beltran (2004) and David Justice (2000).
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    SIR – In 2007 the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) could only report that there was growing anecdotal evidence that EU migrants were taking local jobs as there was “no statistical research” documenting these phenomena.
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    A taskforce including stakeholders from local government, the University of Manchester and the Local Enterprise Partnership was subsequently created to capitalise and build on the existing local bioscience network and expertise.
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    Facebook's market value was cut in half in the monthsfollowing the IPO as concerns about issues ranging from slowingrevenue to massive insider selling made the Internet company'sstock a Wall Street punch line.
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    The shutdown, a result of the standoff between Republicans and Democrats over President Barack Obama's controversial healthcare law, has sent as many as 1 million federal government workers home without pay, including many White House staff, and disrupted some services - including closing national parks, threatening to delay the publication of sensitive economic data, reducing research programs, and shuttering a flu monitoring program.
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